Smiths Detection receives award for chemical identifier

Smiths Detection announced on Friday that it won a silver award for the portable analytical instrument design found in the HazMatID Elitehas.

The award was given by Instrument Business Outlook during their 20th Annual Industrial Design Awards. The recipients of the awards were selected based on the design of their technology and were recognized for their achievements in innovation, aesthetics, features and functionality.

"HazMatID Elite's lightweight design and easy-to-use chemical analysis tools were developed specifically with the needs of military personnel and emergency responders in mind," Lance Roncalli, the vice president of Sales in America and the U.S. managing director for Smiths Detection, said. "Its portability and advanced functionality helps responders react quickly and detect unknown hazardous substances in emergency situations."

HazMatID Elite, the next generation of the HazMatID, is a portable solid and liquid chemical identifier. The HazMatID Elite is capable of identifying and categorizing thousands of chemical warfare agents, explosives, toxic industrial chemicals, narcotics, suspicious powders, and other dangerous chemical substances. It uses Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy to find dangerous chemicals and biological substances in a minute or less.

Smiths Detection develops and designs advanced solutions that are capable of identifying and detecting CBRN threats. Smiths Detection is a world leader in providing layered security solutions and has major plants in three U.S. states.