President Obama authorizes ATOMAL Agreement with Croatia

The White House announced on Wednesday that President Barack Obama transmitted his approval, authorization and determination related to the ATOMAL Agreement with North Atlantic Treaty Organization member the Republic of Croatia.

The ATOMAL Agreement is a collective term for the text of the Agreement Between the Parties to the North Atlantic Treaty for Cooperation Regarding Atomic Information and a technical annex and security annex. Obama submitted the text of the agreement as a proposed agreement for cooperation to authorize the exchange of U.S. restricted data and formerly restricted data within the context of NATO between the U.S. and Croatia.

The ATOMAL Agreement first entered into force on March 12, 1965, with respect to the U.S. and other NATO members at that time. Croatia recently signed the agreement and indicated its willingness to be bound by it. Obama said Croatia meets the requirements of the Atomic Energy Act of 1954, as amended.

The ATOMAL Agreement is the framework within which NATO and other NATO members receive the information needed for the understanding and knowledge of, and participation in, the strategic and political collective military capacity of the alliance. The ATOMAL Agreement permits the transfer of atomic information, not nuclear material, weapons or equipment.

By participating in the ATOMAL Agreement, Croatia will receive the same standing in the alliance in relation to nuclear matters as the other current parties to the agreement.

"I have considered the views and recommendations of the Department of Defense and other interested agencies in reviewing the ATOMAL Agreement and have determined that its performance, including the proposed cooperation and the proposed communication of restricted data thereunder with respect to (Croatia), will promote, and will not constitute an unreasonable risk to, the common defense and security," Obama said.

Obama approved the agreement with respect to Croatia and authorized the DoD to cooperate with the new party to satisfy section 123 of the Atomic Energy Act of 1954, as amended.