U.S. doubts credibility of evidence against Syrian opposition

The U.S. has seen no credible reporting or credible evidence that the Syrian opposition used chemical weapons in Syria, the U.S. State Department said on Wednesday.

Marie Harf, the deputy spokesperson for the State Department, made the remarks on Wednesday during her daily press briefing. When asked about Russia's recent announcement that it would provide the U.N. Security Council with evidence regarding chemical weapon use by the opposition, Harf said the U.S. has high confidence in the innocence of the Syrian opposition.

"We have seen no credible reporting, no credible evidence that the opposition has used chemical weapons in Syria, period," Harf said. "We've been joined by 36 other countries in declaring that the Assad regime is responsible for the use of chemical weapons on August 21. We've laid out our intelligence assessment, and it's one in which we have high confidence."

Harf said that any possession of chemical weapons by the Syrian opposition would be troubling, but she noted the opposition's openness to chemical weapons inspectors in areas they control.

"Any possession of chemical weapons would be concerning," Harf said. "I'd note that the opposition has come out very strongly at numerous points throughout this process and said they'd give full access to inspectors to areas they controlled. They've pledged to be a constructive part of this process."