TSWG IED Instant Notification App launches

The TSWG IED Instant Notification App, which synchronizes communication between bomb squads, was recently released as a free app to all U.S. bomb technicians.

The app, which was designed by the Force Protection product group of Applied Research Associates, was initially revealed at a National Bomb Squad Advisory Board meeting in April to representatives of the NBSCAB, ATF, FBI, DHS, DoD and TSWG in April. The app was featured in Jule at the International Association of Bomb technicians and Investigators training Conference and Expo in Dallas, Texas.

The new app provides a platform through which bomb technicians and bomb squads can communicate with one another on incident sites of interest. Technicians can update information via smartphone while resolving an incident, which allows them to focus on the task-at-hand. This is the first application in U.S. history that allows bomb technicians to share incidents, threats and device information immediately.

"Enabling consistent communication is a challenge that our bomb squads face daily." Program Manager for Improvised Device Defeat at the Technical Support Working Group Dr. Ed Bundy said. "The INS App provides bomb technicians the ability to quickly and efficiently share information while remaining focused on their real mission, which is dealing with the device and returning the scene to normalcy. Rather than having to answer their phone in the middle of an incident to field questions, the App makes their smartphone work for them, pushing out relevant information to those who really need it. The day will soon be over where bomb technicians on the East Coast only find out about an incident on the West Coast days later, and only because it made the nightly news."