White House and HazMasterG3 assess alleged chemical weapon use in Syria

The White House gave an intelligent assessment on August 30 of the chemical agents allegedly used in Syria that matched the assessment of HazMasterG3's patented identification system.

"The White House's assessment reports that victims of the alleged chemical weapons attack were observed exhibiting foaming at the mouth, difficulty breathing, unconsciousness, pinpoint pupils and doctors also reported rapid heart rate among victims" the assessment said.

HazMasterG3 is a patented unit with the ability to estimate the type of chemical warefare agent used based on observing the symptoms of those exposed to the agent in question. The White House noted difficulty in identifying agents based on symptoms, as an individual's specific body make up can exhibit different symptoms to the same chemical agent.

The chemical weapons allegedly used in Syria were assessed to be nerve agents, specifically Sarin, Tabun or VX by both the White House and HazMasterG3.

HazMasterG3 was developed by Alluviam, LLC, and has over 165,000 materials and trade names. It is used by a wide variety of military and civilian Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear and Explosive detection agencies. The system can function on Android, Apple iOS and Windows devices.