Sen. Corker questions U.S.-Russia agreement on Syria

U.S. Senator Bob Corker (R-Tenn.) issued a statement on Saturday questioning an agreement between the U.S. and Russia on Syria's chemical weapons.

Corker, the ranking member of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, said it was unclear if Syria would be willing to follow through and give up its chemical weapons to the international community. He said he still remained supportive of a diplomatic solution to the matter.

"Absent the threat of force, it's unclear to me how Syrian compliance will be possible under the terms of any agreement," Corker said. "I'm still reviewing the details and believe Syria's willingness to follow through is very much an open question, but I remain supportive of a strong diplomatic solution to Syria's use of chemical weapons."

Corker said it was very important that the negotiations be used to reassure U.S. allies of resolve to counter threats around the world.

"I am concerned that these negotiations not be used as an opportunity to retreat from our broader national interests, but rather, to reinforce them, including support for moderate opposition forces and, most importantly, reassuring our allies of U.S. resolve to counter threats from Iran and other rogue nations," Corker said. "The administration's handling of this crisis has hurt U.S. credibility, so it's vital that going forward, the President articulate how his actions protect our national interests in Syria and the region."