Argon Electronics receives exclusive chemical warfare simulation rights

Argon Electronics announced on September 5 that Bruker Daltronic granted it the worldwide exclusive rights to Bruker's chemical warfare simulation.

The worldwide exclusive rights are, specifically, to develop and manufacture a training simulator for the Bruker RAID-M100 chemical detector.

"We are delighted Bruker have selected Argon for this important simulation product," Steven Pike, the managing director of Argon Electronics, said. "It underpins our important portfolio of simulators and confirms our position as work leaders in the field of CBRN simulation."

Argon Electronics will create a simulator that will allow RAID-M100 users to experience the features of the detector. This simulation will include the detector's ability to identify detected substances.

"Argon's RAID-M100SIM will allow our customers to train under conditions as close to reality as you can possibly get without using chemical simulants," Sebastian Meyer-Plath, the president of the Bruker Detection Division, said. "We are very pleased about the broad training capabilities that the RAID-100MSIM will provide to the worldwide RAID-M user community."

The RAID-M100SIM will be capable of operation on a standalone basis, but will also be able to work with Argon's Plume SIM instrumented CBRN simulation system.