TenCate reaches Multi-year cooperative research agreement with U.S. Army

TenCate Advanced Armor USA and the U.S. Army Research, Development and Engineering Command signed a multi-year cooperative research and development agreement on Thursday.

The agreement was made to evaluate the TenCate ABDS active blast countermeasure system for improved soldier protection. Part of the agreement allows TenCate engineers to demonstrate the ability of the TenCate ABDS system to protect combat and tactical ground vehicle crews from mines, roadside bombs and improvised explosive devices.

"The U.S. Army has a clear vision on the protection of mounted troops and TenCate has developed important lifesaving technologies," Mark Edwards, the president of TenCate Advanced Armor USA, said. "We are committed to this world class 'soldier survivability' program and determined to meet or exceed every mil-spec requirement necessary to quickly, yet safely, provide this threat protection solution to our troops."

The TenCate ABDS system is able to save lives and lessen injuries by minimizing the transfer of mine blast energy. The system works by managing the launch acceleration of the vehicle, its flight and the ensuing fall back to earth.

The TenCate ABDS system has demonstrated measurable improvements in occupant survivability. In third party tests, the system decreased energy absorption and lowered vehicle jump height. The system can be retrofit onto a variety of new or fielded platforms.