Dragon family of ISR receives integrated missile defense command

Lockheed Martin announced on Tuesday that the Dragon series of intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance configurations will now have integrated air & missile defense options.

The new integrated air & missile defense option, known as Dragon Dome, links ISR air operations and missile defense systems at the battle management level. This new ability gives users the chance to work in shared environments in order to optimize defense operations.

"We recognize that there are increasingly complex multi-national requirements for integrated air and missile defense," Jim Quinn, the vice president of C4ISR Systems with Lockheed Martin Information Systems & Global Solutions, said. "Dragon Dome can dramatically improve the ability to make decisions faster, operate command centers with fewer people, and have higher confidence in achieving mission success."

Dragon Dome, which was predicated on Lockheed Martin's internally developed DIAMONDShield air & missile defense system, links information from ISR command and control, and missile defense assets. This creates a 4-dimensional view of the battlespace that gives its user a better chance to optimize defense options.

Dragon Dome is based off of U.S. and NATO standards and communication protocols, which means it can be easily integrated with coalition forces to expand a nation's defense capabilities and improve their collaboration with allies. All of the Dragon configurations are net-centric capable, making them able to support NATO, U.S. and Coalition forces "Out of the Box."