DepoVax sees positive results in two anthrax studies

Immunovaccine, Inc., announced on Monday that its anthrax delivery platform DepoVax showed positive results in studies done with rabbits and non-human primates.

The two studies showed animals that were given a vaccine of the recombinant protective antigen formulated with the DepoVax delivery platform were protected from a lethal dose of anthrax. Even a single dose of the DepoVax-formulated vaccine, which contained five micrograms of recombinant PA, was able to protect rabbits from a lethal dose of anthrax.

"These positive study results demonstrate the continued advancement of our promising bio-defense vaccine development program and highlight the versatile nature of our DepoVax platform beyond our lead clinical stage cancer vaccines," Dr. Marc Mansour, the chief operating officer of Immunovaccine, said. "This range of activity and development milestones underscores the potential of the DepoVax technology to enable next generation vaccines to address a variety of healthcare's most pressing needs."

Earlier trials involving DepoVax-formulated vaccines were conducted by the NIAID's preclinical services and showed the ability to produce toxin neutralizing antibodies. In follow up studies, these toxin-neutralizing antibodies appeared in as a little as 14 days, with the maximum antibody levels reached at 28 days. The titers were kept for at least 70 days.