Joint Special Representative for Syria Brahimi makes statement on situation in Syria

Joint Special Representative for Syria Lakhdar Brahimi made a statement on Friday on the situation in Syria after meeting with Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov.

"I am extremely grateful to Minister Lavrov for inviting me to this very useful meeting with a number of foreign ministers of countries that are very concerned about the Syrian situation," Brahimi said. "I think nobody ignores the fact that Syria is today in most serious danger on peace and security, not only for the poor Syrian people and the region of the Middle East, but also for the world."

Brahimi discussed the alleged chemical weapon use in Syria on August 21. He said Syria will wait until the United Nations analyzes the materials the investigational team collected during its trip to the country for an official statement and Syria will "call it whatever the results of the investigation say it should be called." Brahimi also commented on proposed involvement from the international community to bring the conflict to an end.

"The other thing is that Syria is in very, very serious trouble and we have been asked from time to time, what about use of force by members of the international community?" Brahimi said. "And that, we don't - I think the Secretary-General or myself - we don't express personal opinions. We say what international law says. And international law says that no country is allowed to take the law into their hands; they have to go through the Security Council."

Brahimi said Syria has been working hard to prepare for the Geneva II meeting. Brahimi also said the only thing the United Nations can do at this point is to continue to watch what is happening in Syria and to help in any way possible.