Kerry says U.S. must show unity on Syria

U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry said on Wednesday that the U.S. must show unity in its response to the chemical weapon attack of Bashar al-Assad's Syrian regime.

Kerry made the remarks on Wednesday before the House Foreign Affairs Committee. On the question of whether or not to authorize force in Syria, Kerry said the U.S. is stronger when the President and Congress are able to act together. He said the U.S. must act after Assad's regime used sarin gas to kill more than 1,400 innocent people on August 21.

Kerry said the attack did not just cross President Obama's red line, but the attack crossed the world's red line.

"Now, some have tried to suggest that the debate that we're having today is about this President's redline, that this is about President Obama's redline," Kerry said. "Let me make it as clear as I can to all of you: That is just not true. This is about the world's redline, it's about humanity's redline, a line that anyone with a conscience should draw and a line that was drawn nearly a hundred years ago in 1925 when the Chemical Weapons Convention was agreed on."

Kerry said it is up to Congress to decide on whether or not to hold up the standard that chemical weapons should never be used.

"So some will question the extent of our responsibility to act here," Kerry said. "To them I say, when someone kills hundreds of children with a weapon the world has banned, we all are responsible. That's true because of treaties like the Geneva Convention and the Chemical Weapons Convention, but is also true because we share a common humanity and a common sense of decency."

Kerry closed by saying he looked forward to having a rigorous discussion with the House on how the U.S. will lead the world with its security, values and conviction.