ICBL releases 2013 Cluster Munitions Monitor report

The International Campaign to Ban Landmines released its Cluster Munitions Monitor report on Wednesday, which claimed the alleged use of cluster munitions in Sudan, Libya, Thailand, Myanmar and Syria.

The report alleged the Syrian government used cluster munition between June 2012 and this past June, stating cluster munitions shells were found in at least 152 locations and cluster munitions resulted in at least 165 people injured in 2012.

Syria is not a signatory on to the Chemical Weapons Convention on Cluster Munitions and has denied the use of the weapon, which is banned.

"Syria is where we believe cluster munitions to be used extensively causing numerous casualties and we believe Syria is the country where they are being used right now, today," editor of the Cluster Munitions Monitor report Mary Wareham said. "We have gone into the country periodically to try and document the use. We have also relied on the numerous videos and other visual evidence that citizen activists have uploaded into the internet, but I cannot say with any certainty exactly where or when cluster munitions were used by the Syrian regime."

The details of alleged cluster munitions in Sudan, Libya, Thailand and Myanmar can also be found in the report.