IPPNW calls for destruction of chemical weapons in Syria

International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War released a statement on Tuesday asking that chemical weapons in Syria be destroyed and that countries supplying weapons to Syria stop doing so.

The IPPNW began its statement by saying it believes all weapons of mass destruction should be banned for the inhuman damages they cause to people on a large scale, including life-long disability, extreme suffering and death. In line with the Chemical Weapons Convention, the IPPNW asked that chemical weapons in Syria be destroyed voluntarily.

"We call on all parties involved in the present conflict in Syria to ensure that any existing stockpiles of chemical weapons are placed under safeguards and that there is no intentional use, or threat of use, whatever the circumstance," IPPNW's board of directors said. "U.N. weapons inspectors must be allowed full, safe and timely access to investigate suspected chemical weapon use."

The IPPNW called for all involved parties to assist the United Nations and the Arab League Special Envoy to Syria to cooperate and bring a ceasefire to the country to avoid further massacre and bring those responsible for international crimes to justice.

"If the facts determine that chemical weapons have been used, then those who used them should be brought before the International Criminal Court and held responsible for crimes against humanity," IPPNW's board of directors said. "We urge all parties to the civil war in Syria to engage in negotiations to resolve the conflict. We demand from all countries and parties outside of Syria that they stop delivering weapons into Syria."