FLIR Systems purchases DigitalOptics micro-optics assets

FLIR Systems, Inc., announced on August 12 that it bought a number of assets from DigitalOptics Corporation's micro-optics division for $14.9 million.

FLIR obtained equipment for fabrication and more than 200 patents and pending patent applications for the design and development of complex optical materials, substrates and low-cost materials with its purchase.

DigitalOptics' micro-optics business produces wafer-scale specialty optics products, which include optical receivers, lenses, lens arrays, transceivers and infrared optical materials. Based out of Charlotte, North Carolina, DigitalOptics makes optical materials for use in a number of different technologies, including security, photolithography, surveillance, data storage, laser-based medical technology and 3-Dimensional gesture recognition.

"Bringing this low cost wafer scale micro-optics technology to our operations provides us significant capability and cost advantages as we move into high-volume markets for thermal imaging," President and CEO of FLIR Andy Teich said. "We look forward to adding these proprietary processes, manufacturing capabilities, and experienced engineering and production personnel to FLIR."

FLIR Systems designs, markets and manufactures sensor technology to increase security. FLIR's units include thermal imaging and threat detection technology to increase perception and awareness, particularly in high-risk areas such as war zones. Its units are used for a variety of purposes, some of which include airborne surveillance, search and rescue, drug interdiction, border and maritime patrol and chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear and explosives detection.