International Day against Nuclear Tests commemorated

The fourth annual International Day against Nuclear Tests was commemorated on Thursday with educational talks and activities about the importance of banning nuclear tests.

The activities on International Day against Nuclear Tests included a symposia and conferences that call attention to the dangers of nuclear test explosions and the threats they pose to humans and the environment. Along with the activities, the United Nations, some of its Member States and other organizations talked about the importance of a ban on nuclear weapons testing.

On September 5, there will be an observance of the closing of Semipalantinsk in Kazakhstan. The nuclear testing site was closed on August 29, which is why the General Assembly chose this day as the International Day against Nuclear Tests. During the observation, which will take place during an informal meeting in the Trusteeship Council Chamber, U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon and the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Industry and New Technologies of the Republic of Kazakhstan Asset Issekeshev will give opening statements.

International Day against Nuclear Tests was established by the General Assembly by resolution 64/35 and came into its first observance in 2010. It was made with the knowledge that nuclear tests are harmful to humans and the environment, and was created with the spirit of ending nuclear tests so one day the earth might experience a world without nuclear weapons.