Conference on Disarmament holds first public plenary

The Conference on Disarmament held its first public plenary on Tuesday to discuss the first draft of the Conference to the General Assembly's annual programs.

President of the Conference on Disarmament Ambassador General Corr of Ireland said he hoped the report took into consideration the hard work all parties have put in, with regard to its lack of results.

The Informal Working Group, proposed by Secretary-General of the Conference Kassym-Jomart Tokayev and approved by the Conference, also had its first meeting Tuesday and highlighted the work that lay before the organization from now until the end of the Conference's 2013 session. Corr said the group has not yet established a program of works, but he hopes a program will be be created soon.

Representatives from Japan, Myanmar, Austria, the Czech Republic, Argentina, Germany, Poland, The Netherlands, Algeria, Canada, Iran, the Republic of Korea, Cuba and the United States spoke in the plenary on the draft of the annual report. The United Nations Fellowship Program on Disarmament also attended the event.

The next public plenary of the Conference will take place on September 3.