Interpol Secretary General meets with president of the Comoros islands

Interpol Secretary General Ronald K. Noble met with Ikililou Dhoinine, the president of the Comoros islands, on Tuesday to discuss ways to improve national and regional law enforcement cooperation.

Noble talked with Dhoinine and other government officials about different ways to empower frontline police forces to better fight transnational crime threats. This would be done by deploying Interpol's global police tools and services past the National Central Bureau in Moroni.

"It is important for countries in the region to build on their collaboration with Interpol so as to better protect their citizens from cross-border crime," Dhoinine said.

Noble spoke with Dhoinine and other government officials about the threat of maritime piracy, recalling a case where the Aly Zoulficar, a Comorian-flagged vessel, was hijacked in November 2011 after it left Moroni. This led to Interpol sending a Maritime Piracy Task Force to help Comoros address maritime piracy issues.

Comoros is one of 62 Interpol member countries that officially recognize Interpol's Travel Document, which allows Interpol officials and police to travel internationally on business matters without needing a visa.

"The authorities in the Comoros recognize that crime respects no borders and that strengthening international police cooperation is therefore key to effectively combat transnational crime and enhance security for all," Noble said.