UNLIREC delivers disarmament tools to Suriname

The United Nations Regional Centre for Peace, Disarmament and Development in Latin America and the Caribbean delivered tools for the destruction of weapons on August 2 to the government of Suriname.

UNLIREC delivered a set of hydraulic shears and a Small Arms Ammunition Burning Tank to the Suriname government for the destruction of small arms, ammunition and explosives. The tools are intended to ensure the country has the indigenous capability to destroy stockpiles of weapons.

The Security Assistance Department, Suriname Armed Forces, Customs and Prisons and Police were all trained on the operation and maintenance of the hydraulic shears, leading to the destruction of more than 50 unused firearms and related parts. UNLIREC will return to Suriname in September to train government officials on the use of the SAABT to destroy ammunition and explosives.

The equipment is intended for the destruction of unused and surplus weapons, but also to help Suriname combat the trafficking of weapons into the country. The tools are also intended to help reduce the rate of armed violence in the nation.

UNLIREC works in 33 nations in Latin America, assisting countries with the establishment of individual disarmament legislation and advice on how to implement international disarmament regulations. The United States was a primary donor to this project.