U.S. Treasury reveals four alleged leaders of Hizballah terrorist group

The U.S. Department of the Treasury recently revealed four alleged lead members of Hizballah responsible for terrorist operations across the Middle East and Lebanon.

The Treasury announced Khalil Harb, Muhammad Kawtharani, Muhammad Yusuf Ahmad Mansur and Muhammad Qabalan are alleged leaders of the Hizballah terrorist group. The team was said to be responsible for a number of terrorist acts, including fighting for the Assad regime in Syria, making payments to factions within Yemen and attacks in Turkey, Cyprus, Egypt, Jordan, Israel, Iraq and Palestinian territories.

The group claims to be a Lebanese resistance organization. Through investigation, the treasury alleged the group supported numerous terrorist activities both within and outside of Lebanon. The Treasury announced it will freeze all assets to the organization and placed sanctions on the individuals to make a statement that terrorist activities will not be supported by the international community.

"Whether ferrying foreign fighters to the front lines of the Syrian civil war or inserting clandestine operatives in Europe, the Middle East, and elsewhere, Hizballah remains a significant global terrorist threat," Under Secretary for Terrorism and Financial Intelligence David S. Cohen said. "So long as Hizballah spreads instability, conducts terrorist attacks and engages in criminal and illicit activities around the world, we will continue to sanction Hizballah's operatives, leaders and businesses, wherever they may be found."