Smiths Detection partners with Florida to equip HAZMAT teams

Smiths Detection announced on Tuesday that it will supply 15 of its GasID portable gas and vapor chemical identifiers to Florida to equip its HAZMAT teams for a potential chemical threat.

GasID is a portable unit that identifies potential gas and vapor threats within minutes, alerting HAZMAT teams of a potential chemical incident. The 15 units delivered to Florida will be used by HAZMAT teams across the state to help prepare its first responders for a chemical threat.

"The inclusion of this technology in our equipment cache will greatly enhance each team's ability to detect and identify unknown gases and vapors," Assistant Chief of the City of Fort Myers Fire Department Randolph K. Jordan said. "With this purchase we have added to the capabilities necessary to protect our State and help ensure a safe environment for our citizens and visitors."

GasID units were chosen because of the speed at which they can detect potential threats. The unit is intended for rugged terrains and can be used in extreme weather conditions, such as severe heat and humidity.

"First responders choose GasID because it rapidly provides critical information about threats, strengthening their ability to make informed decisions on how to best protect themselves and any community at risk," Smiths Detection Managing Director and Vice President of Sales, Americas, Lance Roncalli said. "The technology, backed by Smiths Detection's globally-recognized commitment to training and service, provides an excellent overall value for our customers."