United Kingdom releases Defence and Security Report

The United Kingdom recently said in its Defence and Security report that the government would look at all the factors in the country's defense community, as well as apply significant cuts to its defense budget.

The U.K. played a crucial role in working out the terms of a multilateral deal in September for the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons to identify, catalog, remove and dismantle chemical weapons in Syria.

The U.K. was involved in talks as part of a European Union delegation with the United States, Russia, China and Iran to agree on lifted sanctions against Iran. The sanctions were settled upon in return for the Islamic Republic agreeing to inspections and the application of safeguards on several nuclear facilities.

Scotland's first minister, Alex Salmond, unveiled a White Paper that explained the organization of an independent Scotland. Included in the proposal was information about Scottish regiments enlisted in the British Army and nuclear submarines based north of the English border. The White Paper will be a manifesto for the Scottish National Party as it moves forward with a campaign for independence.

The National Crime Agency was activated in October with a group of 4,500 officers to cover organized crime and police the border.

Also included in the Defence and Security report were plans for the Royal Air Force to receive freighter aircraft, new training aircraft, electronic intelligence aircraft, armored vehicles for the British Army and aircraft carriers for the Royal Navy.