Neumedicines joins Alliance for Biosecurity

Neumedicines, Inc., a privately-held company developing radiation countermeasures and hematopoietic immunotherapeutics, announced on Thursday that it joined the Alliance for Biosecurity.

The alliance is a collaborative organization that joins pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies working in the public interest in an effort to improve the prevention and treatment of syndromes, diseases that present global security challenges and biological threats.

"Our company's goals are aligned with those of the alliance's," Lena Basile, the president and CEO of Neumedicines, said. "We are striving to promote a stronger, more effective partnership between government, the biopharmaceutical industry and other stakeholders with the aim of advancing the development of critically needed medical countermeasures. We were delighted to be invited to join the alliance where we are currently the only member focused on achieving and sustaining a medical countermeasure against radiation."

Neumedicines said the alliance is looking to develop public policy proposals that could increase national efforts to rapidly develop, produce, stockpile and distribute medical countermeasures.

Neumedicines develops therapies based on interleukin 12, including HemaMax, a treatment based on recombinant human IL-12. Neumedicines received more than $49 million from the Biomedical Advanced Research & Development Authority to support the development of HemaMax for the treatment of hematopoietic syndrome of acute radiation sickness.