Morpho to deploy 200 Itemiser DX units to international airports

Morpho Detection, Inc., recently announced that 200 of its Itemiser DX desktop explosives trace detectors will be distributed to six global air carriers in the U.S. and internationally to improve cargo screening.

The U.S. Transportation Security Administration's "grandfathered" solutions to its Air Cargo Screening Technology List will expire on January 1, 2014. Airlines and freight companies are required to update their screening technology for explosives as a result and Morpho, the parent company of Morpho Detection, is the only company with ACSTL-qualified trace detection, Computer Tomography and X-ray-based technology solutions.

"Morpho Detection is committed to providing the most advanced solutions to help the air cargo industry meet security challenges with minimal impact on their operations," Morpho Detection President and CEO Karen Bomba said. "By quickly and accurately identifying explosives in seconds with an extremely-low false alarm rate, the Itemiser DX is another example of Morpho delivering on this commitment."

The Itemiser DX is lightweight and portable. It can detect explosive residue on a number of surfaces, including cargo, bags, skin, vehicles and clothing.

The detection unit qualified for air cargo screening in 2010 and has since been certified for use by six global regulation authorities. More than 3,000 Itemiser DX detectors have been deployed around the world, including air cargo screening locations, checked baggage screening facilities and airport checkpoints.