China and NNSA sign agreement to stop nuclear smuggling

The National Nuclear Security Administration signed an agreement with the People's Republic of China's General Administration of China Customs on Thursday that renewed efforts to stop nuclear smuggling.

The cooperative agreement, which was endorsed by Ernest Moniz, the secretary of energy, and YU Guangzhou, China's minister of the GACC, was signed during the annual U.S-China Strategic and Economic Dialogue in Washington. With the agreement, China and the U.S. renew previous cooperative efforts to deter, detect and stop the illicit smuggling of nuclear materials.

"China plays a key role securing both regional and international maritime shipping," Moniz said. "Our continued cooperation will be a critical step forward in enhancing security in the region and the global maritime network. The signing of this agreement confirms our shared commitment to important global nonproliferation efforts that will help to keep dangerous nuclear materials out of the hands of terrorists, smugglers and proliferators."

The agreement allows the NNSA's Second Line of Defense program to work with the GACC in order to expand radiation detection systems to high-priority seaports. Also included in the agreement is the enabling of the NNSA and GACC to improve the skills of customs officers who work radiation detecting systems.

The NNSA collaborates with other Chinese agencies as well in an effort to advance shared nuclear nonproliferation, safety and security goals.