announces availability of biological hazards research report, a search engine that offers access to a collection of industry reports, recently announced the availability of a new market research report on the surveillance and monitoring of biological hazards.

The report, entitled Surveillance and Monitoring of Explosive, Chemical, Biological and Nuclear Hazards - Focus on Biological Hazards, focuses on the global and regional markets for technologies related to the manufacturing of different types of biological hazard monitoring equipment. The report analyzes global market trends for the surveillance and monitoring of ECBN hazards.

The report defines a hazard as a real or potential condition that can cause injury, illness or death to personnel, damage to the environment or damage to or loss of property or equipment. Hazards can be caused by hostile forces like terrorists or the accidental release of biological of chemical agents as might occur during a natural disaster. The main objective of the study was to analyze the methods for monitoring hazards and minimizing the damage they could cause.

According to the report, hazards from industrial accidents or accidental biological agent release from a laboratory can be prevented or minimized when precautionary measures are set up and personnel members are trained. Hazards caused by terrorist groups are tough to prepare for as reasons for such actions could be beyond resolution through negotiations. The report said the only way to tackle such hazards is by preparing for the potential consequences in advance.

The report is intended for all personnel involved in the marketing and production of monitoring equipment, researchers working in the development of new ECBN monitoring technologies, military strategists and civil defense planners and for manufacturers of different types of sensors.