White House gives briefing on Syria

White House spokesperson Jen Psaki gave a briefing on August 8 that examined various topics about Syria, including reports of sarin gas use.

Psaki was asked if she was aware and concerned about reports of the Syrian army using sarin gas near Yarmouk.

"Well, we're always concerned about any allegations of chemical weapons use," Psaki said. "We don't - we're still looking into the specifics here. As always, we continue to encourage the Syrian regime to let the full - the U.N. team in for full access to investigate all potential cases, but we don't have any additional information on these particular reports."

The follow up questions addressed the status of Ambassador Ford and any possible meetings with the Syrian opposition. A possible conference was supposed to take place, and Psaki confirmed that Ford was in Paris on August 9 and 10 to speak with members of the Syrian opposition.

"In particular, Ambassador Ford is talking to them about the need for a unified opposition delegation headed by the legitimate representative of the Syrian people, the Syrian Opposition Coalition, which can strongly press the case for its vision of what a transition government - governing body should look like," Psaki said.