Ban praises Pakistan for its role in peacekeeping operations

U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon visited Pakistan on Tuesday and praised the country for it role in the United Nations peacekeeping operations.

Ban visited Pakistan on the eve of its independence day and spoke at the inauguration of the Centre for International Peace and Stability in Islamabad. He expressed gratitude for what Pakistan has done for global peace on behalf of the U.N., something he said the new center demonstrates.

"More than 100 countries contribute troops and police for United Nations peacekeeping missions," Ban said. "Pakistan is number one. Training is a strategic investment in peacekeeping and here you will build the skills in preparing peacekeepers to take on a new generation of challenges."

Ban also congratulated Sardar Ayaz Sadiq, the speaker of Pakistan's National Assembly, and the government of Pakistan on its recent elections and agenda to tackle some of Pakistan's most pressing issues. He spoke with Sadiq about U.N. and Pakistan cooperation, including joint efforts in humanitarian assistance and disaster risk response and reduction.

During his talk with Sadiq, Ban addressed some of the issues concerning the U.N. like relations to terrorism and extremism, gender equality and human rights. Ban welcomed new legislation aimed at promoting the rights of women in Pakistan and asked for full implementation of this law.