NATO completes first of 29 Smart Defence projects

NATO announced on Wednesday that it has completed the first of 29 ongoing Smart Defence projects.

Smart Defence is a United States led project that establishes helicopter facilities in Afghanistan. The facilities allow the allies of NATO to pool resources, including spare parts, tools and technicians, to make quicker repairs on helicopters. The project has shown significant cost savings and reduced the time needed to repair helicopters.

"This is a perfect example of smart cooperation: nations working together to provide a capability which they could not afford on their own," NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen said.

Rasmussen also stressed the importance of having budget friendly projects during a time when money is an issue. He said investments in defense and security need to be improved once economies around the world pick up so ongoing security challenges like the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction can be dealt with.

The project was part of a batch of various ideas and projects set up by NATO leaders at the Chicago Summit in 2012. The other 28 projects will focus on different areas crucial to the protection of NATO forces, like better training and sustainment.