CTED and Canada negotiate increased counterterrorism collaboration

Senior officials from the Security Council's Counter Terrorism Committee and Canada met in New York on August 9 to negotiate increased counterterrorism collaboration between the Member State and the United Nations.

CTED Deputy Executive Director Weixiong Chen was one of the officials at the meeting and said that organizations need to better utilize their human and financial resources to more effectively fight terrorism. Chen commended Canada on its unwavering participation with CTED.

"There are States that are in need of capacity-building support to implement the relevant Security Council resolutions," Chen said. "CTED greatly appreciates Canada's continued contribution to, and participation in counter-terrorism capacity-building projects and programs."

Director-General of the Security and Intelligence Bureau of the Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade of Canada Artur Wilczynski said he agreed that better utilizing current resources is the way to go to streamline the counterterrorism front. Wilczynski also said Canada recently rolled out a new counterterrorism plan and supports increased communication with the U.N.

"Canada has introduced its comprehensive national counterterrorism strategy and would be ready to work with the U.N. to share its experiences in this regard," Wilczynski said.

Wilczynski also told Chen that Canada would continue to be an active participant of the Global Counterterrorism Forum and collaborate with the U.N. for future regional projects.