IUPAC holds 44th World Chemistry Congress

The 44th World Chemistry Congress was held in Istanbul, Turkey from August 11 to 16, bringing together leaders from around the world to discuss new scientific advances in chemistry and the chemical weapons convention.

A welcoming video message from the Director-General of the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons Ambassador Ahmet uzumcu was played during the opening ceremony on August 11. The congress is organized by the International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry and provides a platform to promote collaboration between the OPCW and IUPAC.

There were multiple activities planned for the week, including a workshop on the diverse uses of chemicals by Professors Alastair Hay and Peter Mahaffy, members of the OPCW's Temporary Working Group on Education and Outreach. OPCW Science Policy Adviser Jonathan Forman held a workshop on the chemistry at the foundation of the Chemical Weapon Convention. There was also an exhibit that explained the work of the OPCW.

The congress this year has been one way for IUPAC to show its support of the OPCW. IUPAC published a report in February on the significance of the new scientific advancements of the Chemical Weapons Convention. In late July, Professor Leiv K. Syndes, former IUPAC president and current IUPAC Bureau member, published an analysis titled "IUPAC, OPCW and the Chemical Weapons Convention" in the magazine Chemistry International.