U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon speaks in Pakistan on international peace

United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon recently spoke at the inauguration of the Centre of International Peace and Stability in Pakistan and thanked the nation for its commitment to achieving international peace.

"More than 100 countries contribute troops and police for United Nations peacekeeping missions," Ban said. "Pakistan is number one. It is impossible to speak about the history of United Nations peacekeeping without highlighting such contributions of Pakistan. I thank you very much...Nearly one out of (every) ten U.N. peacekeepers around the world hail from Pakistan."

Ban commended Pakistan on the development of its Centre of International Peace and Stability in the face of many cases of international violence. The Centre is one more way to continue to work towards a peaceful world through education. Ban said development is a key factor in combating violence.

"I know this Centre will focus on gaining deeper understanding of the threats to peace and the sources of instability," Ban said. "The first step is by simply recognizing that security and development should go hand in hand. In order to achieve lasting stability, people need schools for their children, they need food on their tables and they need to have hope in their lives."

This year Pakistan celebrated 50 years of involvement in peacekeeping. Ban commended the nation on its dedication to achieving world peace and said the U.N. would also fight to achieve the same.

"We share a common fate," Ban said. "By helping others, we help ourselves. By building peace in one corner of the world, we nurture it in another. And by keeping the peace, we keep alive the goals and ideals of the United Nations."