Kerry says Yemen embassy closing was an effort to save lives

U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry said on Monday that the closing of embassies in Yemen and around the world was part of an effort to save lives from potential terrorist attacks.

Kerry made the remarks during a press conference in Bogota, Colombia, with Colombian Foreign Minister Maria Angela Holguin. When asked a question about about U.S. phone and internet surveillance, Kerry said the U.S. will share with every country its best efforts to peacefully resolve the violence of terrorism.

"The United States will share with every country in the world our best efforts and calls on every country in the world to join us in an effort to turn people towards a peaceful resolution of disputes and towards a ending of this kind of wanton violence," Kerry said. "And everything that we do will be geared in an appropriate way to work with our friends and our partners to respect their laws and to do this in a way that meets the highest standards of expectations of rights and privacy."

Kerry said the world is a dangerous place and brought up the recent closings of the U.S. Embassy in Yemen. He said the U.S. needed to take action to prevent terrorist attacks.

"We are necessarily engaged in a very complex effort to prevent terrorists from taking innocent lives in many different places," Kerry said. "Most recently, we had threats, as we know, to our Embassy in Yemen. We responded appropriately, I think, in an effort to protect those people. But that's the only thing that we're engaged in is an effort to prevent the devastating, completely unprovoked, totally reckless and wanton taking of life that occurs with car bombs and suicide vests and (improvised explosive devices) and other mechanisms of death."