Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu reports Iran is accelerating its quest for nuclear weapons

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu recently said at a meeting with a delegation of pro-Israel activists led by U.S. Rep. James Sensenbrenner that Iran has accelerated its nuclear weapons program.

Netanyahu said Iran's new president Hassan Rouhani is engaging in talks to give people hope as a distraction while he allegedly enriches uranium.

"I know that some place their hopes on Iran's new President. He knows how to exploit this and yesterday he called for more talks," Netanyahu said. "Of course he wants more talks. He wants to talk and talk and talk. And while everybody is busy talking to him, he'll be busy enriching uranium."

Netanyahu said Rouhani does not keep his ploy a secret. He allegedly freely tells the leaders of the nation his strategy.

"The centrifuges will keep on spinning," Netanyahu said. "This isn't a secret. The new Iranian president boasts that that is his strategy. He says, 'I talk and I smile and I enrich uranium'. This is unfortunately going on as we speak. Iran's work and quest towards the achievement of atomic weapons not only continues, it continues unabated - it's actually accelerated."

Netanyahu said Rouhani is also allegedly obtaining plutonium to expedite the process of making nuclear weapons.

"And Iran is also pursuing, as was recently reported, an alternative route to the enrichment of uranium, which is the plutogenic, the plutonium route, simultaneously," Netanyahu said. "So the situation unhappily is not getting any better; it's actually getting worse. Iran is determined to get the bomb and we must be even more determined to prevent them from getting it."