ASSE approves Executive Order to strengthen chemical safety

The American Society of Safety Engineers released a statement on August 5 that showed the organization's approval of President Barack Obama's Executive Order to improve and strengthen federal agency coordination of U.S. chemical facility safety and security oversight.

ASSE said in the statement that each chemical incident has a unique cause that requires investigation to make sure a similar incident is not repeated. There are confusing and hindering regulations regarding facilities where chemicals are stored.

The new Executive Order requires the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, the Environmental Protection Agency and the Department of Homeland Security to coordinate and work together on these matters, which helps reduce confusion on responsibilities. ASSE said it was pleased with the cooperation shown with industry, consensus standards organizations and other stakeholders in identifying safety and security best practices is a.

ASSE finished its statement by saying that the action taken by Obama was a needed step to protect the U.S. from chemical explosions and other potentially harmful incidents. ASSE said that it looked forward to working with the varying government agencies, employers and other stakeholders to set up protections at chemical facilities.