Judge Weeramantry argues nuclear weapons are illegal by religious and humanitarian law

Justice Christopher Gregory Weeramantry of the International Court of Justice spoke on "The Current Nuclear Problems: Disarmament and the Humanitarian Aspect of Nuclear Weapons" on August 2 and argued that nuclear weapons be made illegal.

The Vienna Center for Disarmament and Non-Proliferation hosted a seminar for Weeramantry to discuss the legality of nuclear weapons in regard to international law. The ICJ gave an advisory opinion in 1996 on the subject, stating that a decision could not be made as to whether or not nuclear weapons would be objectively seen as unlawful in extreme circumstances.

Weeramantry spoke out on the topic and argued that nuclear weapons are illegal under every circumstance and by religious and humanitarian law. He argued that the idea of weapons of mass destruction alone defies humanitarian laws, and that no world religion supported the idea of such a weapon.

Weeramantry used examples of Christianity, Islam, Buddhism and Hinduism to support his belief that under no circumstance or philosophical law are weapons of mass destruction legal. He also supported his argument by using examples of international humanitarian laws, such as non-combatant laws, environmental laws and the law of providing a better world for the next generation, to further claim that nuclear weapons should be deemed illegal across the globe.

Weeramantry said a link should be created between religious and international law. He also recommended global peace education should be taught in every school, to give the upcoming generations a head start on achieving world peace.