China reaffirms commitment to Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty

Wang Yi, China's Foreign Minister, reaffirmed China's commitment to the Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty on Wednesday.

The announcement from Wang came after he met with the new Executive Secretary of the Preparatory Commission for the Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty Organization, Lassina Zerbo. Wang also congratulated Zerbo on his new position while making sure to emphasize China's commitment to the CTBT and China's commitment to make policy to achieve a world free of nuclear weapons.

"China's disarmament credentials are a strong basis for China to demonstrate leadership and pave the way for the remaining eight countries to ratify the CTBT, enabling the Treaty's entry into force," Zerbo said.

China also showed Zerbo its commitment to the CTBTO by taking him to meet with Zhang Yulin, the deputy minister and head of the General Armament Directorate in the Ministry of Defence, who oversees China's technical and scientific cooperation with the CTBTO.

Zerbo also visited a CTBTO station in Kunming. The station is an infrasound station, one of the last monitoring stations in the country.

"Kunming is the first CTBTO station that I have visited as the organization's Executive Secretary," Zerbos said. "To me, it is a symbol of the renewed momentum in our cooperation to ensure the completion of the CTBT's verification regime."