White House developing Cybersecurity Framework to manage cyber threats

The White House released a statement on Tuesday that stated it is currently developing a Cybersecurity Framework to properly manage cyber security threats.

"The systems that run our nation's critical infrastructure such as the electric grid, our drinking water, our trains, and other transportation are increasingly networked," the White House said. "As with any networked system, these systems are potentially vulnerable to a wide range of threats, and protecting this critical infrastructure from cyber threats is among our highest security priorities. That is why, earlier this year, the President signed an Executive Order designed to increase the level of core capabilities for our critical infrastructure to manage cyber risk. The Order does this by focusing on three key areas: information sharing, privacy, and adoption of cybersecurity practices."

The White House said the U.S. is currently working on developing its cybersecurity capabilities to create a framework on how to properly manage cybersecurity risks. The Cybersecurity Framework is expected to be complete in October and officially released in February. The U.S. government expects critical infrastructure companies to adopt it.

Discussions will be held in the upcoming months to gain investors for the development of the framework. These discussions will determine which ideas stakeholders are willing to adopt.

Officials said the outcomes of the discussions will be available to the public. Interim reports can be expected between now and February.