U.S. NNSA and Tajikistan NRSA partner to prevent nuclear smuggling

The U.S. National Nuclear Security Administration and the Nuclear and Radiation Safety Agency of Tajikistan signed a memorandum of agreement on April 29 to commit to partner against the illicit smuggling of nuclear and radiological materials.

"This agreement represents the shared commitment of both the United States and Tajikistan to combat nuclear smuggling," NNSA Deputy Administrator for Defense Nuclear Nonproliferation Anne Harrington said. "The deployment of advanced radiation detection technologies, which will be provided to Tajikistan under the agreement, will enhance our mutual security efforts."

The agreement commits the NNSA's Second Line of Defense Program to providing portable radiation detection equipment and training on nuclear and radiation detection processes to Tajikistan customs and border guard officers. SLD will also provide maintenance and operator training to promote the long-term sustainment of equipment.

This initiative is part of the U.S.-Tajikistan Joint Action Plan on Combating Smuggling of Nuclear and Radioactive Materials, which was signed by the countries in November 2011. The agreement is an important step toward nuclear and radiological security in Tajikistan. Other programs that have been initiated between the countries include hands-on training for identifying materials used to build weapons of mass destruction and development projects to create innovative solutions for international security.