White House congratulates the Iranian people as Iran inaugurates Rouhani

The White House congratulated the Iranian people on Sunday for making their voices heard during an election that elected Hojjatoleslam Hassan Rouhani as the seventh president of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

President Rouhani was inaugurated on Sunday. The White House said Rouhani recognized that his election was part of a call by the Iranian people for change. The U.S. said it hopes the new Iranian government will listen to its people by making choices that will result in an improved quality of life.

The White House said the inauguration of Rouhani represented an opportunity for Iran to act fast to resolve the international community's concerns over the country's nuclear program.

"Should this new government choose to engage substantively and seriously to meet its international obligations and find a peaceful solution to this issue, it will find a willing partner in the United States," the White House said.

On Wednesday, Marie Harf, the deputy spokesperson for the State Department, said the U.S. hopes the change in leadership will diplomatically solve the nuclear problem.

"Following his inauguration, we hope that President-elect Rouhani... and the Iranian government will engage substantively with the international community to reach a diplomatic solution to Iran's nuclear program," Harf said. "We and our international partners remain ready to meet at the earliest opportunity once Iran is prepared to do so."