U.N. Security Council's 1540 Committee visits Grenada

A delegation of the U.N. Security Council's 1540 Committee's Working Group on Monitoring and National Implementation visited Grenada this week after receiving an invitation from the government.

The working group discussed possible assistance needs and any future steps to be undertaken by Grenada to support implementation of resolution 1540. The resolution, which was adopted unanimously by the council in 2004, requires all states to refrain from providing any form of support to non-state actors attempting to develop, acquire, manufacture, possess, transport, transfer or use biological, chemical or nuclear weapons and their means of delivery.

The resolution also requires that all states establish domestic controls to prevent the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction and their means of delivery through the establishment of appropriate controls over related materials.

Other objectives of the working group during the Grenada visit included raising awareness and sharing information on the implementation of the resolution.

Maria Soledad Urruela Arenales, the coordinator of the working group, led the delegation. The delegation held working sessions with multiple national stakeholders involved in implementation of the resolution, including the Ministries of Health, International Business, Foreign Affairs and National Security.

The secretariat of the Caribbean Community also participated in the visit. The secretariat facilitated the implementation of resolution 1540 in the region through its 1540 implementation coordinator.

The 1540 Committee reports to the U.N. Council on the implementation of resolution 1540. In 2011, the committee's mandate was extended to 2021 as part of resolution 1977.