OPCW hosts 14th Associate Programme

The Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons began its 14th Annual Associate Programme on Friday, which will train representatives from 31 States Parties on peaceful uses of chemistry.

Participants will spend the first three weeks in the Netherlands taking a Chemical Engineering-Oriented Skills Development Course at the University of Surrey. Participants will also spend three weeks traveling to chemical plants in Croatia, Denmark, Finland, Japan, Poland, Norway, the Czech Republic, Malaysia, India, Italy, Saudi Arabia, Singapore and Spain.

The inaugural ceremony took place at the Technical Secretariat in The Hague. The program will run for 9 weeks and end on September 27.

This year, representatives from Argentina, Algeria, Bangladesh, Belarus, Cambodia, Bahamas, Bulgaria, Cuba, Ukraine, Turkey, Tanzania, Slovakia, Zimbabwe, Ecuador, Ethiopia, Haiti, El Salvador, Spain, Pakistan, Nigeria, India, Mozambique, Kenya, Jordan, Jamaica, Libya, Malaysia, Mauritius, Zambia, Iraq and Yemen will be present.

The program, which was launched in 2000, will have trained 329 participants from 108 Member States considered developing nations after finishing this year's session. The program teaches the economical and technological development of peaceful uses of chemistry, as stated by Article XI of the Chemical Weapons Convention.