ARA features virtual training applications at INMM's 54th Annual Meeting

Applied Research Applications, Inc., displayed the importance of virtual training modules from July 14 to 18 at the Institute of Nuclear Materials Management's 54th Annual Meeting.

Chris Owens and Randy Brown were present at the event with two paper displays, showcasing two virtual nuclear facilities: a Pressurized Heavy Water Reactor and a Gas Centrifuge Enrichment Plant facility. The facilities were built for use by the International Atomic Energy Agency and the Defense Threat Reduction Agency. The modules, while virtual, still offer the highest quality physics calculations to help responders identify radiological hazards in facilities with uranium.

At INMM's Annual Meeting, ARA scientists and engineers joined a panel discussion on Virtual Reality and Immersive Learning for Nuclear Security and Safeguards. Throughout the event, representatives from the ARA engaged in a student career fair and highlighted the benefits of a career with ARA to international undergraduate and graduate INMM students.

"We were able to effectively communicate ARA's capabilities to a large group of international experts working across a wide range of nuclear issues within government programs and private industry," Owens said.

Nearly 500 professionals from global government and private sector organizations were present for the Annual Meeting. INMM hosts the event to promote research, innovative concepts, approaches, methods and gadgets relating to nuclear materials management.