TGen receives $20,000 grant from APS Foundation

The Translational Genomics Research Institute announced on Monday that it has received a $20,000 grant from the APS Foundation to expand its TGen2School initiative.

The grant will allow TGen to provide science kits and instruction in science, technology, engineering and math. The instruction will include ideas about infectious disease and genomic testing methods, biosafety procedures, bioinformatics and how DNA is used in forensics, public health and other life sciences.

"These are ideal tools that teachers can use to convey complex concepts in ways students can easily absorb, and it lessens the burden on the pocketbooks of teachers," Zsuzsi Kovacs, TGen North's STEM education coordinator, said. "These kits are built on next-generation science standards and bioscience basics that students need to succeed in the genome-age."

The kits will be provided as part of the TGen2School initiative at TGen's Pathogen Genomics Division and, thanks to the grant, will come at no additional cost.

"With initial funding from the Flagstaff Community Foundation and others, we have placed a concerted effort into our TGen2School program," David Engelthaler, a former Arizona state epidemiologist, said. "We are so excited that the APS Foundation has decided to help us. Their grant will allow us to grow and expand our program in a direction that better meets the needs of our teachers."

The instruction will be provided during professional development days at the TGen North building.