U.S. and Japan agree on necessity of close coordination on North Korea

The U.S. and Japan agreed on the importance of close coordination with respect to North Korea and the country's nuclear program, the White House said on Friday.

The two sides agreed on the need to work together during U.S. Vice President Joe Biden's meeting in Singapore with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe. Biden and Abe discussed wide-ranging topics on the U.S.-Japan alliance and cooperation on global and regional issues.

The U.S. and Japan also agreed that engagement with other partners in the region would be needed to address North Korea's provocations and North Korea's denuclearization obligations.

Both the U.S. and Japan reiterated a shared view on the importance of the U.S.-Japan alliance for regional stability and peace, reaffirming a shared goal of improving the alliance and expanding security cooperation.

Biden welcomed Japan's involvement in the Trans-Pacific Partnership and highlighted the need to quickly move forward toward a high-standard agreement to deepen investment and trade ties bilaterally and across the region.

In the area of regional security affairs, the Vice President reaffirmed the U.S. position on the East China Sea and emphasized the U.S. view that all sides should make efforts to reduce tensions.