Smiths Detection launches new module to detect liquid threats

Smiths Detection announced on Monday that it has launched a Threat Identification Module for detecting liquid threats.

The module is an easy and cheap upgrade to the standard x-ray baggage screening systems that Smiths Detection currently sells. The add-on is capable of attaching to Smiths Detection's HI-SCAN 6040i and HI-SCAN 6046si scanners. The module detects explosive liquids and allows detection systems to qualify as Liquid Explosives Detection Systems under the EU LEDS Standard 2 Type C requirements.

"With TIM, we provide our customers a highly cost-efficient way to upgrade their current or new X-ray scanners," Hans Zirwes, vice president for International Sales of Smiths Detection, said. "It fits seamlessly with the design of our existing systems and maintains the renowned high quality of Smiths Detection's imaging."

TIM visually marks suspect objects with a red frame, making it easy for operators to see potential threats. The module uses real-time, in one go screening. Minimal checkpoint changes are needed to fully implement TIM.

Smiths Detection is a company that specializes in advanced security solutions in the civil and military markets. Smiths Detection develops and makes goods that detect explosives, chemical and biological agents, radiological and nuclear threats, weapons, narcotics and contraband.