China wishes to reopen talks on denuclearizing the Korean Peninsula

Vice President of China Li Yuanchao urged Leader of North Korea Kim Jong-un on Thursday to engage in talks on denuclearizing the Korean peninsula, a goal established by the founder of Korea.

During a meeting between the leaders, Li told Kim the message from President of China Xi Jinping which stated China would continue to push for denuclearization of the Korean peninsula, Reuters reports.

"As a close neighbor of the Korean peninsula, China will persist in the denuclearization of the peninsula, adhere to safeguarding the peace and stability on the peninsula and persist in using dialogue and consultation to resolve the problem," Li said, according to Reuters.

Efforts to denuclearize the peninsula began years ago, with six-part-aid-for-disarmament-talks. North Korea, South Korea, the United States, Japan, Russia and China were present for the talks, but the progress they made ended abruptly when North Korea walked out during a talk in 2008.

Kim said North Korea would support China's efforts to restart the six-party-talks. The two countries communicate closely and China supplies most economic and diplomatic aid to North Korea. Li said that he would like to see peace on the peninsula, Reuters reports.

"The reason we are commemorating the 60th anniversary of the end of the Korean War is to look forward to the future, to better maintain peace and stability on the Korean peninsula and seek regional prosperity and development," Li said, according to Reuters.