Hagel gives statement on Armistice Friday

Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel gave a statement on Friday about the 6oth anniversary of Armistice Friday.

Hagel began by acknowledging President Barack Obama and the honor he has in being part of the delegation that will be at the Korean War Veterans Memorial in Washington, D.C. The delegation will honor the soldiers that fought in the Korean War, which is celebrating the armistice's 60th anniversary.

"Korean War veterans stepped forward to serve at a defining time in our history, and they deserve our thanks," Hagel said. "They liberated millions of people from tyranny and helped forge a strong and lasting partnership with the Republic of Korea -- one that has endured for more than six decades because of our shared values and shared sacrifice."

Hagel noted that the end of the Korean war ushered in a new era of prosperity in the Korean region.

"The United States remains committed to ensuring peace and stability on the Korean Peninsula," Hagel said. "More than 28,000 American soldiers, sailors, airmen and Marines serve in Korea today, and just as Korean War veterans held the line from Pusan to Panmunjom, so too do these current-day defenders stand ready to help guard freedom as well as promote peace and prosperity on the Korean Peninsula and throughout East Asia."