Smith Detection receives $7 million Army order for LCD devices

Smiths Detection announced on Thursday that it received a production order from the U.S. Army's Department of Defense's Joint Chemical Agent Detector Program worth $7 million for its LCD devices.

"This order underscores the Department of Defense's continued commitment to one of the largest, most effective chemical warfare protection projects in the world," Smiths Detection Vice President of Sales, Americas, Lance Roncalli said. "Recent news coverage of possible chemical weapons use is a reminder about why JCAD is such a critical technology to help safeguard troops around the world."

The JCAD is based on Smiths Detection's LCD line of handheld threat detection units that can be strapped to a belt. The LCD is a cost-effective solution to protect police, military personnel and hazmat specialists from hazardous substances in the air, as the unit provides them with immediate feedback when a harmful substance is present.

The M4A1 JCADs used by the military are manufactured by Smiths Detection. It is the largest U.S. manufacturing plant for X-ray and chemical warfare detection systems. Smiths Detection manufactures tools that detect threats, such as narcotics, radiation, biohazards, chemical agents, explosives, weapons and contraband.

Smiths Detection serves both state and federal government agencies with its detection units used by first responders. It has won contracts with both the Department of Defense and the Department of Homeland Security.