White House says Assad will never again control Syria

Bashar al-Assad, the leader of the Syrian government, will never rule Syria again after he is defeated by the U.S.-assisted opposition, the White House said on Tuesday.

Jay Carney, the White House press secretary, made the remarks on Tuesday during his daily press briefing in Washington. Carney responded to questions about the military aid being sent to the Syrian opposition by the U.S. When asked if the assistance was coming too late, Carney said the U.S. will not let Assad win the conflict.

"Assad will never control Syria again, will never rule Syria again," Carney said. "And it is our firm position that the Syrian people will not allow, and we will not abide Assad as leader of Syria into the future. The transition has to be a post-Assad transition. And that is what we're working towards with the opposition, with our allies and partners in the region to help bring about that day when we can have a transition in place that can begin to rebuild Syria, that will bring about an end to the horror and the bloodshed, and can create an opportunity to transition to a government that is responsive to the will of the Syrian people."

Carney said the aid provided by the U.S. and other partners is necessary to help the Syrian opposition topple the Assad regime. Following the end of the Assad regime, the U.S. will help the Syrian people transition to a new government.

"The Syrian opposition needs the assistance that we're providing, and which many of our partners and allies are providing, in order to strengthen the cohesion of the opposition and to improve their circumstances as they deal with the assault that's being waged upon them by Assad's forces," Carney said. "And there is no way out of this that doesn't include a transition to a post-Assad Syria. And the Syrian people will not stand for it, and the Syrian opposition and the military opposition will continue to resist Assad, and resist with the assistance of the United States and many partners and allies in the effort."